Our fruit is locally sourced here in Australia. We change our boxes seasonally to ensure we have the freshest produce possible for our customers. Overnight from VIC and QLD are our next stops if NSW isn't giving us what we need! Local is fresher so we are always going to favour supporting our local Aussie farmers.

Sure can! Send our team an email at info@fruitfultree.com.au and our team will be able to assist you.

We offer money back plus if you’re not happy, just let our team know what you weren’t satisfied with and they will look after you.



If you are doing large corporate volumes we are able to adjust this for you.

You are able to select your delivery date, however not a specified time. We usually have all corporate boxes delivered between 4AM and 10AM. Things outside of our control can occur with our drivers and couriers that affect delivery times and we have a deadline of 4PM at the latest.

Please note we cannot offer a 'call on approach' service sorry.

If you have not received your delivery by 2:30pm please let us know via email. We can send another box out to you the following day to avoid any further delay.

We can leave it anywhere you like, e.g. in the lobby or by the lifts. We have had some strange requests so don't be shy! Just note that for milk deliveries, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they get to their delivery in a timely manner to avoid the milk perishing.



No! We have no contracts! Order on a recurring weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, or order one-offs whenever you need them!

All items listed can be ordered as additions to a box or to make up your own 'customised' box by individually adding produce to your cart. All our pre-built boxes meet the minimum order value requirement so if you are customising please ensure you make it add up to $35 or more.

Sure, in the skip a week tab you can do this easily by adding a vacation for however long you need. This is located in your account options.

All verbal or email changes to orders for Mondays must be in by 12PM the Thursday prior. For Tuesday to Friday deliveries, order adjustments must be finalised by 12PM two days prior to the delivery date.

Orders under $35 will not be delivered and the order confirmation is not a confirmation of delivery, only of contents added.
Our system will automatically delete any orders under $35.00.



Public holidays occurring on a Monday will mean your order will be delivered the next working day. You do not need to inform us, we’ll do this automatically. If you’d like to skip the week’s delivery due to a public holiday, please setup the vacation period in your account online or your delivery will be dropped to you the following day.

Any other public holidays that disrupt our/your standard scheduled delivery we will email you to inform you of your new allocated day. We will ALWAYS deliver and never cancel an order just because it falls on a public holiday.

Please use your "skip a week' function in your account. This allows you up to your ordering deadline to skip your delivery for your selected period. You can also email us to inform us of order dates you wish to cancel.

Please note we require 48hrs notice for ALL email changes to ensure we get to them in time.



All major cards accepted.

30 day terms are available for corporate deliveries.


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