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30 Pieces

30 Pieces of fresh fruit delivered to your schedule including Apples, Pears, Bananas, Mandarins, Kiwi, Red Grapes


45 Pieces

45 Pieces of fresh fruit delivered to your schedule including Apples, Pears, Bananas, Mandarins, Kiwi, Red Grapes


55 Pieces

55 Pieces of fresh fruit delivered to your schedule including Apples, Pears, Bananas, Mandarins, Kiwi, Red Grapes


90 Pieces

90 Pieces of fresh fruit delivered to your schedule including Apples, Pears, Bananas, Mandarins, Kiwi, Red Grapes


Satsfied clients

Customise your delivery

• Calculate your fruit requirements. Two to three pieces a week per employees is a good guide.

• Select the fruit you want, or leave it to us to create a mix of the freshest seasonal fruit available.

• Call us to discuss your requirements or enquire about additional pantry items.

Sit back and relax as your fruit box is delivered to your door.


Office Fruit Baskets

What are the ways you can make work more productive? There are plenty of things you can do, and one of them is to provide your employees with healthy food. This is where Fruitful Office comes into play, as we provide high-quality fruit baskets to offices and businesses in Sydney. Offer your staff quality fruits as snacks, and you can help them have the energy to do work.

Learn more about our fruit delivery service by calling us today.

Why choose us?

Supplying premium hand-picked fruit since 2010, Fruitful tree offers a variety of options catered to any office fruit basket requirements. Since its establishment, Fruitful Office has made a big impact, supplying to a diverse range of large and small businesses including Ebay, Luxury Escapes, Westpac, and Gumtree.

Fruitful office is dedicated to providing you with the finest quality seasonal fruit products direct to your office fridge and kitchen. Here are some of the reasons why we are what you need:

Pricing and Discounts:
At Fruitful Office, we’re big on value for money! We aim to give you the highest-quality products for the best price. Starting at less than $30 per week, our fresh fruit basket delivery service is an inexpensive way to keep your staff happy and healthy.

Take a closer look through our website for more information on current promotions, or enquire with our friendly team today to discuss the perfect way to get a fruit box or milk delivery service for your office today.

Consistency, Flexibility & Reliability:
At Fruitful Office, we present a consistently high standard of quality and service week after week, so you can rest assured that our fruit baskets will meet your expectations without fail.

Ultimately, we aim to please. With our customised product and delivery options, we are dedicated to catering to the needs and preferences of all our customers. Just select which business days you require delivery and we will have your fruit basket delivered on time.

We’re all about what works for you. We deliver 5 days per week, so simply tell us which days between Monday to Friday best suit you, and we’ll make it happen. Our reliable AM delivery service also ensures that your delicious fruit baskets are ready to go by the time your team has arrived to work.

We are focused on delivering Australia’s highest quality produce to you. Our hand-picked fruits are de-stickered and meticulously inspected by our team to ensure that they are up to our exceptionally high standards, before they are delicately organised into our well-presented fruit boxes.

Add some excitement to your office fridge and pantry with an array of industry-leading products supplied by Fruitful Office. Our selection of delicious breads, dairy and plant-based milk and yoghurts, thirst-quenching drinks, delectable treats and nibbles, and of course our mix of the freshest seasonal fruits, will have you lost for choice.

Australian Owned:
We are proudly Australian owned and operated. We aim to do our part for the Australian economy and our hard-working farmers; sourcing all our fresh fruits and vegetables from local producers, and creating employment opportunities throughout our business.

Monthly Account & Consolidated Invoicing:
With a monthly account we aim to simplify invoicing, making payments a seamless and efficient process for you. What’s more is our consolidated invoicing takes the hassle out of juggling multiple invoices, with the ability to consolidate corporate accounts across numerous departments and offices.

No contract:
Although we’re sure you’ll love us, we don’t want you to feel stuck. That’s why we don’t require you to sign a contract. This gives you the option to order what you need whenever you like, without obligation.

Contactless Delivery:
We offer contactless delivery and our staff take all necessary precautions with safety and hygiene to ensure we do not put you and your team at risk.

Corporate fruit

Fresh, Assorted, and Seasonal Fruits for the Office

Why pick fruits as a snack for your employees? Fruits are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. If there’s any food that can provide a wide range of health benefits, there are few better ones than a piece of fruit.

In addition, one of the benefits of eating fruits is enhanced productivity, thanks to the body getting enough glucose. Thus, it’s an easy choice to want a fruit hamper delivered to your office.

Providing your staff with a wide range of fresh fruits from our fruit baskets is the best thing you can do to make them healthy, productive, and happy throughout the day.

As a trusted fruit delivery service in Sydney, we will send you a fruit basket containing seasonal fruits such as fresh apples, berries, oranges, bananas, and more.

Get Started on Fruit Delivery by Fruitful Office Sydney

1. Open Your Account

Start by contacting us to open your account. You can do this by visiting our contact page, calling 02 8021 9232 or emailing Let us know your fruit requirements, like the amount and the types of fruit you want. You can also message us on anything about our weekly fruit box delivery.

2. Pick Your Fruit Box Size

We have different sized fruit baskets available.

You can choose from Small, Medium, Large or Custom sizes.

The size determines how many items of fruit can fit in the fruit baskets, so be sure to consider the amount of fruit your office needs and select one with enough space for the number of fruits you want to be delivered.

3. Choose Time and Days for Delivery

Our fruit delivery service is available five days a week, from Monday to Friday. You can decide which days you want us to deliver, including the time.

We can deliver the fruit baskets at your convenience, so pick the time and day that work best for you. If you want, we can deliver once a week, twice, or a few days, depending on your needs.

4. Enjoy a Box Full of Seasonal Fruits

Once all information is ready and you give us to go signal, we’ll proceed on delivering your fruit baskets.

We will let you and your employees enjoy fresh fruit deliveries that include seasonal fruits.

With our delivery service, you can save on time, money, and effort while ensuring your staff are healthy, productive, and satisfied.

Pick your box

Select From Available Fruit Baskets

Fruitful Office provides four different fruit baskets. They vary in the number of fruits included, so pick the one that suits your needs.

Our available fruit baskets are:

30 Pieces

This is a small-sized box that holds up to 30 pieces of fruits such as apples, mandarins, bananas, pears, and more. This works well for small teams.

45 Pieces

This medium-sized box can hold around 45 pieces of fruits like apples, kiwi, pears, red grapes, mandarins, etc.

55 Pieces

The large box can hold up to 55 pieces of fruits of any of your choice, including apples, bananas, oranges, and others.

90 Pieces

The 90-piece option is ideal if you like to customise your fruit boxes and the number of fruits you need is more than what will fit from our available sizes. If you have a larger business, you and your employees will enjoy this larger size.

Your Go-To Source of Fresh Fruits in Sydney

Fruitful Office has been providing fresh fruit delivery in Sydney for offices since 2010. Since then, we have established our name as one of the country’s best fruit basket delivery services. We’re your go-to source of a wide variety of premium goodness that we got directly from our local fruit suppliers.

With options ranging from 30 to 90 pieces of fruits, your employees will have enough healthy snacks for a few days.

Our recommendation is to give 2 pieces of fruit per individual. However, it is solely your choice, and we can customise your order to suit your office consumption.

Feel free to call us and discuss your fruit basket needs.

Fruit Baskets You Can Count On

Fruitful Office offers various options for delivering fruits to work in our fresh fruit baskets.

Since we began, we have made a significant impact on the companies we have worked with, such as Gumtree, eBay, Westpac, and Luxury Escapes. Rest assured that we will continue to provide the best quality of fruits delivered to offices.

When you get fruit delivery from us, you can benefit from:

Reliable and Flexible Service

Reliable and Flexible Service

We’ve been providing fruit delivery to offices for at least a decade. Since our establishment, we have always been flexible and reliable to the benefit of our customers. Its the perfect corporate gift to your staff.

Discounted Prices

Discounted Prices

We’re big on making sure you get the value of your money. Our premium quality fruits are available at the best prices. The perfect corporate gift baskets.

Discounted Prices

Premium Quality

Of course, the fruit we deliver is premium quality. We get them fresh from Australia’s producers and only accept the highest quality fruits. We check them meticulously, so we’re confident of their quality. Its the perfect fruit gift for your staff.



One of the best things about fruit deliveries is the variety. After payment, you will be met with the freshest fruits in season, hand-picked and quality controlled.

100% Australian

100% Australian

Fruitful Office is 100% Australian. Our company is owned and operated by a proud Australian's. Similarly, the fruits we provide are from hard-working local producers.

Easy Invoicing and No Contract

Easy Invoicing and No Contract

We offer monthly invoicing for your deliveries, with all orders consolidated into one invoice.

That way, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of numerous invoices.

Get a Quote Today!

Do you want to schedule a fruit delivery? Call us or send a message today. We will respond as soon as possible with a quote and advice on making the most of our services. Reach out to Fruitful Office right away!

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