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Enquire about our daily fresh milk delivery service.
Full cream and non dairy options available.
Service available across the Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool regions and beyond.

100% Australian Milk Delivered Straight to Your Office

How to get milk delivered to your door? Call us to know!

Fruitful Office offers competitively priced milk that comes straight from local suppliers. After getting them from the suppliers, we deliver them right away to your office, venue or business. This way, you don’t have to worry about the milk getting spoiled or no longer fresh. We promise you will only receive farm-fresh 100% Australian milk from us.

Simplified and Efficient Invoicing Process

The Advantages

One of the advantages of Fruitful Office’s milkman delivery service is the invoicing, which is consolidated monthly. You get a monthly account designed to simplify the invoicing when you order from us. All your orders for the month are consolidated into one, eliminating multiple invoices across different departments in your company.

Our fresh milk delivery service also doesn’t have to sign a contract. You don’t have to be stuck with us and leave anytime you want. This means that you can order anytime you feel like it, and we’ll be ready to deliver. Of course, Fruitful Office will strive to make you happy with our service, so you don’t have to look for another milk delivery service in Sydney.

Contactless Delivery of Milk to Your Office

Contactless Delivery

If you’re worried about hygiene and safety, you don’t need to because Fruitful Office provides contactless delivery of milk. You don’t have to meet the delivery person – just give us details about your office, and we’ll take it from there. Moreover, all our staff follow proper hygiene protocol, ensuring your team won’t be at risk.

Get a Quote Today

Get a Quote

Are you interested in getting milk delivered directly to your office? Go ahead and get a quote today. All you need to do is call us on our phone number or email us. Follow the steps mentioned above, and we will provide you with a quote based on your needs. 

Reach out to Fruitful Office today for milk delivery near you.

Milk Delivery

Always Have a Farm Fresh Milk at the Office

Fruitful Office delivers various milk products to offices and businesses all over Sydney. Whether it is full cream or plant-based milk, we’re the milk delivery service you can rely on. The milk boxes we have available cater to the dietary requirements of every customer. We are confident we have the milk box that you are looking for.

Each milk product we deliver to our customers is farm-fresh milk. We make sure of that by working with Australia’s premium milk brands. We work with local milk suppliers, which also help small businesses to thrive. With Fruitful Office, you will always have milk at the office any day of the week.

The best quality

From Selected Trusted Brands

You can get milk of different kinds at the Fruitful Office. Our local milk supplies include selected trusted brands we know are ethically responsible. We aim to ensure you have access to high-quality milk, which is why we partner only with the best Australian milk brands.

Our product range includes the following brands:

Norco, which offers 100% Australian milk

MILKLAB, the award-winning barista milk range

VitaSoy, the deliciously healthy milk brand

Oatly, the largest and original oat milk brand

Great service, great milk.

Steps to Get Started on Our Office Milk Deliveries

1. Tell Us About Your Order

Reach out to us through our contact page, call 02 8021 9232 or send an email to

Let us know about your milk requirements, such as milk brand and bottle size and delivery areas.

Review our office milk range and take a look at our weekly fruit delivery service to help meet the minimum order.

2. Get a Quote From Us

Using the information you told us, we will provide you with a quote that suits your office milk needs.

We also advise you on the delivery days of our service in New South Wales.

We operate Monday to Friday and can deliver on any business day to ensure you get the freshest milk.

3. Schedule Delivery to Your Office

If everything is good, we can then start the delivery of your farm-fresh milk.

We will deliver premium quality local milk to your office at the agreed time and day.

It’s a straightforward arrangement – contactless and without obligation.

4. Pay for Milk Delivery Through a Monthly Invoice

All your orders are consolidated in a monthly invoice. You can pay your orders once a month through different payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.

Office Milk Deliveries

It’s an utter disaster when you find there’s no milk at the office. However, there is no need to despair.

Fruitful Office can take care of your milk run in Australia as your door to door milk delivery service.

Your workplace never has to run out of milk again. 

Call us and schedule a local milk delivery today!


We won’t ever let you down. We are a trusted milk delivery in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Dietary Conscious

We have different types of milk for different dietary requirements from full cream to milk for vegans.

Eco-friendly & Flexible

The milk we offer won’t travel for miles, which is excellent for the environment. Whenever you need milk, you can order it.


Our milk products are products by dairy farmers that are 100% Australian. They are only from local brands we trust.


On time delivery

A Sydney Office Milk Delivery Service You Can Trust

We’re familiar with the frustration when you find out the office’s milk supply ran out, especially around crunch time. No one has the time to go for a milk run, which only doubles the frustration you feel. We get it, and that’s why we take the job out of your hands with our corporate milk delivery service.

Let us be the ones to replenish your supplies.

Why us, though?

Consider the following benefits:

8 Reasons You Need an Office Milk Delivery Service


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