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8 Reasons You Need an Office Milk Delivery Service

Did you know that office workers drink about 20 cups of coffee during the workweek?

With so many people sitting down to a cosy cup of coffee, many offices find that they need to get milk to keep stocked in their refrigerators. After all, 86% of coffee drinkers consume their coffee with some milk. 

If you're looking for an easy way to keep your office pantry stocked with local milk supplies, a milk delivery service is the best way to do so. Here are eight benefits of having a milk delivery service for your office. 

1. Skip the Milk Run in Australia

How many of us have gone to the office refrigerator only to open the door and discover that there is no milk left? To quickly remedy the problem, we either race out to purchase some fresh milk or ask a co-worker to go on a milk run for us. 

Either way, we're wasting precious office time hunting down milk for the office. Even picking up office milk from a nearby corner store can take at least a half-hour for you to get out of the office, through the checkout line, and back to your desk. 

However, you can save yourself a ton of time when you get a milkman delivery service. Instead of having to run out of the office to restock the fridge, you can get office milk delivered to your door. 

That way, you know that you'll never be out of stock of milk. And, you know that neither you nor your coworkers will fall behind on their tasks by having to race out to restock the refrigerator. 

2. A Delivered Milk Box Lasts Longer

You probably didn't realise, but Australian milk from the grocery store doesn't last as long as milk from a local milk delivery.

The reason for this is that milk from the grocery store has spent a few days in processing, a few days in transit to the supermarket, and a few days on the shelf before you purchase it. In comparison, your milk delivery is direct from the factory to your door. So you are saving all of that shelf time.


3. Fresh Milk Tastes Better

The most apparent benefit of searching "milk delivery near me" to find a local milk delivery company is that you get better tasting milk. Fresh dairy milk tastes much better than the milk you buy off the shelves yourself because it's delivered straight from the producer.

When milk is fresher, it has a smoother and creamier taste. The milk taste can transform your office coffee from mediocre to a blend that everyone wants!

Milk delivered straight from the manufacturer reduces travel time and can increase the shelf life by weeks. In addition, since milk delivery gets to you much faster than it would if you purchased the milk yourself, you're able to enjoy that fresher and richer taste.

Otherwise, you'd be purchasing milk that has been sitting on the shelf for ages before it reaches your door. 

4. Hormone and Health Policies

Many local dairies have to comply with strict regulations surrounding the milk quality they produce. Therefore, they usually don't sell milk that contains common bovine growth hormones, such as rBGH or rBST, because it can impact the quality and compliance of their milk.  

The businesses that our team works with for your milk delivery service are more committed to the health of their herds. As a result, they take extra time to ensure that their cows are healthy, happy and producing high-quality milk. 

When you subscribe to a milk delivery, you can help ensure that you're purchasing milk that's free of growth hormones or other harmful chemicals.

5. Stock Up on Snacks at the Same Time

Most of us enjoy eating a few snacks to pair with our coffee. Snacks help balance out the bitter flavour of the beverage and are a great pick-me-up when you've been slaving away at your desk all morning. 

One benefit of office milk delivery services is that you can stock up on snacks at the same time as you stock up on milk! That means you can treat your office to tasty treats along with their milk!

Our company offers a bread and milk delivery service so that you can pick up a few baked goods alongside your milk. You can choose loaves of bread or opt for classic croissants and other small sweet bread. 

Regardless of which type of bread you choose, it's a great way to provide snacks for the office without incurring any additional work. Plus, most milk and bread bundles save you money because they come together from one company!

6. Get More Variety for Your Milk

When you go to the local grocery store to purchase a bottle of milk, you don't always have a lot of options to choose from. You've got to select a bottle of milk from one or two different brands that are on the shelf. 

This issue is challenging if you need to shop for lactose-free milk or plant-based milk. Unfortunately, many stores don't stock many different types of plant-based milk, if they stock any at all!

However, with a milk delivery service, you have plenty of options to choose from. For example, you can select nut milk such as macadamia milk or almond milk. Or, you can opt for plant-based milk such as oat milk, soy milk, and rice milk

If you want to stick to classic dairy milk, you've got plenty of options there, too. Go for lactose-free milk, skim milk, full-fat milk, or even barista milk if you plan to make cappuccinos and lattes at your office. 

No matter what kind of milk you and your coworkers enjoy, there's something for everyone with an office milk delivery. Of course, that makes it easier than ever for you to keep your office pantry stocked with tons of different types of milk. 

7. Streamline Payments


If you usually rely on milk runs for keeping your office refrigerator stocked with milk, then you've probably got tons of different people paying for the milk. Some submit receipts for reimbursement, some pay using a corporate card, and some forget to charge the office for the milk at all!

The trouble with this is that it can make accounting a nightmare. For example, you can lose receipts, making it challenging for you to complete reimbursements, or you can lose track of which receipt matches which week's milk run. 

What's worse, when you're managing both corporate card transactions and reimbursements for duplicate purchases, it can quickly get confusing. The result can be a massive headache for your accounting department. 

With a milk delivery service, however, all those issues go away. You can place your order for office milk delivery services online ahead of time using a designated company card. And, you can set up autopay so that you'll always charge the same card for your weekly deliveries!

8. Milk Delivery Is Better Quality

Milk goes through a pasteurisation process to remove bacteria from the cattle that can get into the milk. The pasteurisation process helps remove bacteria from cows' udders and processes milk cows produce with mastitis. 

The trouble is that pasteurised milk that has removed these harmful bacteria is considered lower quality milk. So while many milk companies will simply sell these low-quality brands to you, Fruitful Office will not. 

Our weekly milk delivery guarantees you get higher quality beverages by only selecting the best brands to work with. The milk in our milk deliveries is sourced from farmers who put their herds' health first. 

The result is that bacteria are less likely to contaminate the milk, and the farmers are less likely to need to use such high temperatures to keep it clean and fresh for delivery to your office. 

Get Started With a Milk Delivery Service

With so many benefits of a milk delivery service, it's no wonder that so many people are turning to Sydney local milk suppliers who offer corporate milk delivery services. That way, they can get a door to door milk delivery without worrying about wasting precious office time to purchase it!

If you're ready to stop googling "fresh milk delivery near me" and start taking advantage of local milk and bread delivery, you're in the right place. Get in touch with Fruitful Office, and we'll get you set up with regular milk deliveries that keep your office stocked at all times!


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