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7 Powerful Advantages of Providing Healthy Office Fruit and Snacks to Employees

Did you know that most Australian citizens do not regularly meet the recommended dietary guidelines? So while it may seem like your employees' eating habits aren't relevant to the workplace, the truth is that a healthy staff creates a healthy business.

What can you do to improve the health of your employees and encourage them to make better choices? Start by providing better office snacks.

Office fruit and other healthy office snacks can make a difference in productivity, energy levels, and more. Not sure quite what we mean?

Read on as we break down seven powerful advantages of stocking the office pantry with healthy snacks.

1. Fruit and Protein Can Keep Energy Levels High

Low energy can change the entire feel of an office. But did you know that most of our energy is fueled by glucose and protein?

Foods like fruit are some of the most concentrated sources of glucose, and healthy pantry snacks are often high in protein. By consuming these snacks throughout the day, we can experience even energy levels rather than spikes and crashes. On the other hand, processed foods that contain sugar and simple carbohydrates are the ones that are often responsible for energy spikes and crashes.

2. Health Food Can Enhance Productivity

Energy is an essential part of high productivity. When you fuel your mind, you can stay focused on the task at hand rather than succumbing to drowsiness or distraction. 

Plus, a well-stocked office pantry keeps employees satisfied without having to take extended breaks to get food elsewhere. Instead, they can dash to the pantry, grab a snack, and head back to their desk, ready to perform more (and better) work.


3. Healthy Options Can Cut Down on Processed Food Intake

Processed foods have run rampant in the modern age. A recent report found that nearly half of the Australian diet consists of ultra-processed food and that often comes from the foods we snack on.

Snacking is all about convenience, and unfortunately, some of the most affordable and ready-to-eat foods are processed. By providing your employees with free healthy snacks, you can assist them in cutting down on processed foods.


4. Healthy Snacks Can Stabilize Mood and Boost Morale

We often assume that our mood is influenced by significant successes, small victories, and minor annoyances. Likewise, we think that we feel good or bad emotionally because of what's happening around us. While this isn't entirely false, it's essential to recognise that our mood is also influenced by what's happening inside our bodies.

That midday slump tends to come less from our day "going" and more from low blood sugar. By eating good fuel throughout the day, we avoid the slump and feel a bit happier and a lot less irritable. When everyone in the workplace is in a better and more stabilised mood, you're going to see a noticeable boost to office morale.

5. Health Foods Can Improve Company Culture

Company culture isn't just about what your employees are expected to do for you. It's also about what you are willing to do for your employees. When you put your employees' health and wellbeing at the forefront, you're creating a company culture of value, respect, and care.

That's why using a fruit delivery and milk delivery service isn't purely about improving the office break room. It's also about showing your employees that you are willing to invest in their well-being in addition to their success at work. 

6. Office Fruit Doesn't Include Major Allergens

One of the hardest parts about providing your workforce with food is making sure that everyone can eat it. Take a look at the ten most common allergens in Australia. Common ingredients like wheat, dairy, and tree nuts make the list.

Naturally, not all of your healthy office snacks will be allergen-free. For example, some people will still enjoy things like almond milk in their coffee or nut-based granola in their yoghurt. However, by providing fruit and other snacks, you ensure that you have at least one healthy option that doesn't land on the list of major allergens, making your office safer and more inclusive.

7. Healthy Snacks Can Improve Overall Health

Replacing processed foods with healthy snacks or getting closer to the recommended dietary guidelines by snacking on fruit is essential for improving overall health. In addition, healthy employees are happier and more productive at work, and they cost less to keep on the payroll.

For example, an employee that consumes a healthy diet likely has a better immune system. This means that when cold and flu season rolls around, they're better equipped to fight off germs. That means fewer sick days and more days getting work accomplished at the office.

Some companies that provide a private healthcare option will also see additional benefits when employees are healthy. For example, it costs less to insure a healthy individual than an unhealthy one, and healthy office snacks are the first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Stock Up the Office Pantry With Fruitful Office

Office snacks can contribute to better health, productivity, energy, and more--as long as you're providing the proper fuel. Consider replacing processed vending machine goods with office fruit, office milk, and healthy office pantry goods. You won't even have to make a trip to the store to do it.

Fruitful Office is proud to provide offices around Australia with better snacks. Contact us today to find out more about the products we deliver, the hampers you can purchase, and how to send healthy gifts to your employees at home.


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